What type of leader are you? 

So it’s been a big week here in the UK with politics and whilst it’s definitely not my place to comment on the outcome I will say that when it comes to Leaders, people tend to vote with their feet. 

As I mentioned on Linkedin today (feel free to connect with me). if a leader isn’t resonating with their team, then the team will find someone else who they DO want to lead them. Fact.

Now this doesn’t happen straight away but who is to tell how long it does take, some people have a low tolerance for mediocrity and will move on quickly, others will hang on until they have no alternative but to look for another leader.

How can you tell if you’re not resonating as a leader? 
– your team might exclude you from conversations, decisions or information
– they may undermine you
– they will probably moan about you to anyone who will listen
– you may feel ignored
– people are doing their own thing rather than what you are asking them to do

These are just some of the ways you can identify if there are ways you can improve as a Leader.

Another, more fun way to identify what type of leader you are is to take this quiz I created which will tell you what type of Leader you are and give you some ideas of adjustments you might make. Simply click on the link below:

What Type of Leader Are You Quiz

Enjoy it and let me know if you would like to improve your success as a Leader.

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That’s it from me, I hope you’ve had a fantastic week.

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