Success Stories

What some of our clients have to say about us:

I would recommend Nicola to anyone who is at a crossroads, needs help and a ‘kick up the backside’ to be clearer on what it is you really want to do.

Nicola was extremely professional yet very relaxed and easy to open up to from our first coaching session. I felt very at ease discussing with her my career concerns and what I hoped to achieve. After a couple of sessions I felt much clearer on everything and had firm ideas to build on.

At the end of the coaching programme I feel really inspired, I have a new perspective on life and feel I am going places. I can’t wait to get started.

Nicola has been a true partner in the development of some of our key talents in the company. She is very keen in truly and fully understanding the development needs of our people, while creating a flexible plan to deliver on it. Nicola is a great listener and a trusted professional. 

Laura Trivulzio, Marketing Director EMEA, Jack Link’s

Conwy commissioned Nicola to deliver DiSC profiles and 5 Behaviours of Effective Teams for the management team within the lifespan Disability Service of Conwy County Borough Council. We also then further commissioned DiSC profiles for a team within one of our day services. The feedback from participants was excellent. We have since worked to embed the training so that an awareness of each other’s DiSC profiles helps us in working more effectively together as a team. The 5 behaviours of effective teams built on this. It is always challenging to embed learning as we all return to our day jobs inspired but often learning fades in the face of day to day priorities and demands. However we have found with DiSC that by putting in place some simple systems that we are still 6 months later still talking about our DiSC profiles and how we communicate with each other. The session Nicola delivered to our in-house direct care team was very effective. This was a team that had experienced significant disruption and was bordering on dysfunctional. Having their profiles completed and the DiSC training reported has helped the team to understand each other much better. They have also valued the time to focus on themselves as individuals and as a team. We are hoping to work further with Nicola around specific tools to use to embed DiSC.

Ramona Murray, Service Lead, Conwy County Borough Council

Nicola provided excellent coaching over a period of 12 months (2022) to the 7 team leaders in my department.

The goal was for the team to have a clearer understanding of each other’s personality, motivational drivers and to work more cohesively as a wider team.

The programme Nicola developed involved 1-2-1 goal setting and motivational aids to support the team leaders, together with a toolkit of skills to help them be more effective leaders in their day to day activities. Nicola worked closely developing their leadership skills via structured regular training.

I found the whole programme to be well thought out, and it produced excellent results for us, and additionally it also provided a much needed opportunity to re-energise ourselves post COVID.

Nicola was at all times professional, understanding and able to provide some unexpected insights into the areas we were looking to improve and I would highly recommend Fired Up Leaders.

– Gail Tanner, Records Manager, Mewburn Ellis LLP

As a freelance HR Consultant with a number of clients I have worked with Fired Up Leaders for a number of years on Leadership Development and also DiSC profiling. The DiSC Profiling in particular has been a resource I’ve found most helpful with many of my clients for a plethora of reasons. We use it as a recruitment tool, whereby speed for obtaining the report alongside debriefs (on both sides) is essential. I have used it as a people/performance management tool to understand how best to communicate with employees, how the respond to feedback, and how best to give that to them. I have also worked with Nicola on using the detailed information that DiSC gives on our leadership team to understand what makes them tick and how to ensure they remain on track and motivated to succeed, for my clients in particular this works well for those who are on an ambitious growth plans when resilience, adaptability and agility is fundamental to success.

Caroline Daniel, HR Consultant, Secret Linen Store

 I wanted to have a clear idea of exactly what I would be good at. Working with Nicola helped me look at what qualities I have and although there was a lot of hard thinking on my part, it was well worth it. Thankyou very much, I now have a plan of action to follow to start me in my new career. I would give the course a 5/5! – JS

Define Your Dream Career exceeded my expectations in that I thought it would just give me a push to get moving again, but it totally changed my direction, which I wasn’t expecting. Fantastic, thank you. – LS

This is a well thought out course which helps to clear what can be a confusing problem. Sometimes problems become clearer when you have help to work them through, and this course definitely makes the problems of career choice a lot clearer. – DD

I have been on a number of personal development courses and found Nicola and the course to be one of the most engaging and enjoyable. – HS

I am really glad I had the opportunity to take Define Your Dream Career over a number of weeks as it really helped me to think things through. By the end of the course I realised I had more to offer employers than I had previously thought, so I built more confidence in my own abilities and now feel more empowered to follow my dream career. Thanks. – AH

I hired Nicola as my career coach to help me feel energised and redefine the next stage of my career. I would recommend Nicola to any woman who is at a crossroads, needs help, and a ‘kick up the backside’ to be clearer on what it is you really do want to do. This is your time! – S

Nicola is very clear and professional, approachable and not at all judgemental. – RW

I felt the course was led by a leader, great presentation. – CG

Nicola was extremely engaging and  thought provoking. – CE

 When I started having coaching I was feeling slightly despondent with work, not happy, but not knowing what it was that was making me unhappy and de-motivated. Nicola managed to help me work my way back to the core of the issues that I was having and work through them. From there I was able to come up with solutions myself that I could implement in work to make the situation better.

I was able face the issues at work in a more positive way, and my workplace became a much better place to be. I am very glad that I spent the time being coached. I am clearer now about my goals and aspirations, and am able to focus on achieving them at work. – LT

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