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 Nicola is a skilled facilitator and coach, she gets individuals and groups to enhance their skills and make meaningful improvements to performance via clever questioning and the right balance of challenge and humour. I would willingly recommend Nicola – DR

 I decided to take Nicola on for some business coaching and it was an incredibly valuable experience. Nicola was professional but engaged me in such a way I felt she was a friend as well.

From the start you realise she cares about you and whether you achieve the goals that have been set between you from week to week.

I was extremely pleased with the results after employing her, I grew both as a person and as a business which is more than I could have asked for.
– A

Nicola was extremely professional yet very relaxed and easy to open up to from our first coaching session. I felt very at ease discussing with her my career concerns and what I hoped to achieve. Before being coached by her I felt lacking in direction and focus, however by the end of a couple of sessions I felt much clearer on everything and had firm ideas to build on. Nicola’s approach is nice and gentle but confident and she explains everything very clearly from the outset. I look forward to future coaching sessions with you. – T

 When I started having coaching I was feeling slightly despondent with work, not happy, but not knowing what it was that was making me unhappy and de-motivated. Nicola managed to help me work my way back to the core of the issues that I was having and work through them. From there I was able to come up with solutions myself that I could implement in work to make the situation better.

I was able face the issues at work in a more positive way, and my workplace became a much better place to be. I am very glad that I spent the time being coached. I am clearer now about my goals and aspirations, and am able to focus on achieving them at work. – LT

 Nicola was extremely engaging and  thought provoking.
– CE

  I have been on a number of personal development courses and found Nicola and the course to be one of the most engaging and enjoyable – HS

 I felt the course was led by a leader, great presentation.
– CG

  I would thoroughly recommend the Find Your Fire career programme, it is very versatile and will help you whatever stage you are at in your career. At the end of the programme I feel really inspired, I have a new perspective on life and feel I am going places. I can’t wait to get started! – M

 Nicola is very clear and professional, approachable and not at all judgemental – RW

I am really glad I had the opportunity to take Define Your Dream Career over a number of weeks as it really helped me to think things through. By the end of the course I realised I had more to offer employers than I had previously thought, so I built more confidence in my own abilities and now feel more empowered to follow my dream career. Thanks. – AH

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