One of the things that we NEED…

One of the things that we NEED as human beings is a goal to work towards.

You might call it a project or a campaign, either way having this ‘thing’ to work towards gives us a sense of purpose, of certainty and with this, a feeling of security as we know what is expected of us.

As we have moved into a whole new way of working, that goal/project/campaign may have temporarily disappeared or at least changed.

And with it our sense of certainty and security.

No matter how much you might be trying to keep the old ways working, the landscape has shifted, Life will not and cannot remain the same.

Leaders, this is now your time.

You have never been more needed.

This is the time for you to help your people recreate that certainty and give them a sense of purpose, whatever that might be.

Because at some point life will resume.

The question is what the new landscape will look like and how you, as a leader, will have helped your team navigate this period.

These are uncomfortable times so now is the time to tap into your courage and resourcefulness and provide as much CLARITY as you can for your people.

This clarity will move them towards certainty, security and positivity in this crazy time.

Need support with this? Please message me.

Nicola Lyle is the Managing Director of Fired Up Leaders and an Executive Coach & Leadership Trainer. She started her career in the drinks industry where she worked for over 15 years in sales and customer marketing. She has been a qualified and practicing coach since 2005, was a trainer for the Ministry of Defence for 3 years in Germany and currently works as a leadership and management trainer working with Executives in a wide range of industries.

Nicola is hugely passionate about helping people to have the career that fulfils and empowers them to live their best life. She offers Executive coaching, group coaching programmes and occasional retreats. Just drop her a line, she’d love to help you get your career on track.

You can contact her at or find Fired Up Leader on Instagram

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