I’m happy to say I failed at my very first job out of Uni. 

I worked for a sales promotion agency for 6 months… enjoying the work and the clients but really disliking my boss, her values and her way of working. 

Eventually I got up one morning and decided that was it, I was leaving. So I walked in, gave my notice and left. 

I had no job to go to and no idea of the next step I’d take. And that was ok. 

This move, that some might call foolish and others might call courageous, catapulted me into my first career. 

It freed me up to start from scratch and think HOW I would like to work. 

Did I want to be in an office 8-7pm? No thanks…. sales it was then. 

Did I want to sell loo roll? No thanks…booze was much more fun aged 22. 

I followed my instincts, allowed myself to apply for jobs I thought I’d enjoy and find interesting ….and it led to my career in the drinks industry which gave me much more joy. 

We don’t always know where twists and turns will take us but I’m a big believer that everything that happens, is meant to be FOR us, rather than AGAINST us. 

#Lockdown may have led you into unchartered territory, despite your will. 

Go with it, you may be surprised at the opportunities it brings.

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