13 Reasons To Work Out The Right Career For You

Deciding on a career change is a big decision and it takes time too as these things don’t happen overnight, especially if you want to do it properly. Getting support to ensure you’re making the right move might seem a bit indulgent and you might find yourself thinking ‘I can do this myself, how difficult can it be?’. Well yes you can do it on your own, though you might find yourself making a move now and then another and another, because you still don’t feel you’ve hit on the right career for you. So here are 13 reasons I believe you should work out the right career for you, with me.

1.You’ll Have A Map

Rather than drifting from one career to another, willy nilly, you’ll know why you are where you are, and how it does or doesn’t fit into your career plan.

2. You’ll Feel Aligned

The role you’re doing will feel right. You’ll get up in the morning, go to work and feel like you’re in the right place for you.

3. You’ll Know Yourself So Much Better

How often do we take the time to think about what we like, what we don’t like, what lights us up and what we want in our future? Defining your dream career will give you the time and space to think about this.

4. Your Confidence Will Sky Rocket

Simply by taking the time to get to know yourself better and what you want, your confidence will soar, especially as you start taking action and doing what you are committed to do.

5. You’ll Have A Renewed Vigour For Life

Don’t ask me why or how, this just happens when people take the course and get clear on what they want in life and where they’re going. They start getting Fired Up in all areas of their life!

6. You’ll Be More Organised

With a plan to work to you know what you have to do and when, and even better you’re motivated to actually do it! By the end of the programme you will be raring to go.

7. You Become Uber Focussed

All other distractions simply fade away. No more pursueing 2/3/4 potential ideas. You know what matters and what you need to focus on, everything else is just noise.

8. You Might Feel A Teensy Bit Smug

You’ve done the work, you know what you’re doing and where you’re going, this suddenly makes you very aware of how scattered others are around you, or how they’re just drifting…..

9. You Feel Fulfilled

This feels great, finally you’re working towards doing a job you have set out to do, one you know hits all the right points for you (location, type of work, environment, even what you want to wear to work!) and it feels good.

10. You Feel Your Career Is Going Somewhere

At last. No more feelings of drifting or just going through the motions in a job you hate. You have a purpose and a plan, and you’re on the right track.

11. You Might Feel Annoyed With Yourself

Sometimes clients Define Their Dream Career and the career that comes up for them is the one they were dreaming of 10 years ago. Does this mean the programme was wrong? No. It means you’ve wasted a lot of time. Realising this can be annoying and frustrating.

12. You Have Support

This isn’t you at home, alone, trawling through the job ads, desperately looking for something, anything, to inspire you. You have me, your coach, supporting and guiding you through the process. I’ve got your back and I’m going to do my best to help you find the career to light you up.

13. It’s Fun

Yes, honestly. You really will enjoy Defining Your Dream Career. Whether you go through the programme 1-1 or in a group you will enjoy the process and look forward to your next session, everyone does.

If you would like to know when the next Define Your Dream Career Programme is taking place you can email Nicola@firedupcoaching.org

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