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It’s time for a new approach to teamwork.

In the modern workplace, team members must navigate an environment that is in constant flux. That’s no easy task, and employees must be flexible, socially adept, and relationship-savvy in order to navigate interpersonal challenges and achieve collective gains within and across their teams.

But solid teamwork doesn’t happen overnight, and it’s not necessarily an innate skill. Teamwork must be developed and practised – and it requires the right framework in order to thrive.

The Five Behaviours can be your solution for building a culture of teamwork.

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Key Topics

This powerful training, based on the model from Patrick Lencioni’s book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team:

  • Assesses an individuals approach to teamwork
  • Provides personalised insights on how to work more effectively with others
  • Teaches participants the critical behaviours and interpersonal skills needed to work together effectively
  • Empowers individuals to rethink their approach to teamwork
  • Develops more productive to behaviours to increase productivity
  • Creates a common language that redefines what it means to work together

How Does The Five Behaviours Work?

The Model

  • The Five Behaviours model takes the form of a pyramid with each behaviour serving as a foundation for the next. Simple, sound and straightforward – you can’t have one behaviour without the others in place to support it first

The Assessment

  • The Five Behaviours offers adaptive research-validated testing through a personality assessment

The Profile

  • After taking the assessment, participants receive a precise, personalised profile that deepens their understanding of self, work style and others in their organisation.

The Facilitation

  • The experience is completed through a half day virtual training session led by a Five Behaviours expert. This session includes a walkthrough of the profile, breakout activities and group discussion.

Who Should Attend?

  • Any employee at all levels of an organisation, including managers or team leaders
  • Ideal for large teams, cross-functional teams, matrixed teams or departments

Agenda: 9.30– 11.30am

  • You and The Five Behaviours
  • Building Trust
  • Mastering Conflict
  • Achieving Commitment
  • Embracing Accountability
  • Focusing on Results
  • Summary and Action


  • Participants will take an online 5 Behaviours assessment prior to the programme
  • This programme is also available in person as a 5hr workshop, for more details please email

Upcoming Sessions:

  • 15th November 2023

This workshop takes place via Zoom on 15th November

Note: if you are registering on behalf of someone else, please fill in your information for billing and the participant’s information for the shipping address. If you have multiple participants please email with the participants’ names and email addresses.

For information about this programme or to bring this workshop in house please email

We do not provide refunds, however, registration may be transferred to another person or to another of our trainings. We reserve the right to change or cancel the course.

Please email with any questions.

Like many small businesses, building and maintaining a cohesive and high-performing team has been one of the biggest challenges of our entrepreneurial journey to date. That’s why this workshop was so relevant and valuable.

The Five Behaviours workshop was entertaining, fun and interactive, and it also provided a vital understanding of our key motivators as individuals and how we function and engage within a team. Some of the key takeaways included the importance of being vulnerable and how this creates a culture of trust and accountability within the team.

Since the session, we have all felt energised with a new level of motivation and are looking forward to putting what we learned into practice, particularly the embracing accountability at all levels across the team.

We would thoroughly recommend this session for anyone wanting to learn more about themselves as leaders, and to discover how their team can become high-functioning and highly motivated.

Michael & Lucy Joerin

Directors, Stowhill Estates Ltd, Award Winning Estate Agents

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